How A Personal Emergency Response System Works

Our Emergency Response System is a simple process designed to get help to you as soon as possible.

Press Your Personal Help Button, Speak With An Operator, Help Is Dispatched

It starts with the press of your medical alert button. Perhaps you have fallen, maybe you are experiencing chest pain or possibly you just need a reassuring voice. Whatever the reason, simply press your Personal Help Button to start the procedure. The button sends a radio signal to your base unit, which triggers a call to the monitoring center.

Within seconds, a professionally trained representative from our monitoring center will contact you over the base unit, which now functions as a speaker phone. The operator will identify themselves and ask if you need help. In addition, the operator has immediate access to your database which contains household information (such as: your address, phone numbers, pet information, directions to your home) vital statistics (such as: basic medical history, location of your medications, important health care documents) and important phone numbers (such as: local police, fire and ambulance services, your doctor, your hospital, health care providers, family members and other emergency contacts).

Simply tell the operator your problem. Perhaps you have fallen and would like your next door neighbor contacted to come give you a hand up, maybe you are experiencing shortness of breath and would like the ambulance called to transport you to the hospital or simply you would like the reassurance of another voice. Should you be unable to respond, the monitoring center will dispatch local help immediately. Whatever your need, it will be addressed promptly and professionally.