“Thank you for providing this service. You helped Elsie maintain some of her dignity and independence for awhile longer. You are appreciated.”

Billie W.
Granby, CT

For over 20 years New England Emergency Response Systems have been bringing independence and peace of mind to families throughout the region. Here are what some of our valued clients have had to say about the service and how it has improved their lives for the better.

“Recently I managed to hit the 'HELP' button 3 times in less than 15 minutes. The response was prompt and gracious each time. It's a great comfort to know that such caring people are there if needed.”

Nina S.
Dover, NH

“I want to send thanks for your wonderful service. I'm 90 years old and fell - broke my nose, etc. I give thanks for the quick pleasant service.”

Helen P.
Lebanon, NH

“Thank you for being so responsive. We appreciate it.”

Marcia F.
Augusta, ME

“I had occasion to use the service two weeks ago to take me to the hospital and they were wonderful. Thank you!”

Connie M.
Conway, NH

“I struggled and was able to get my right hand free and tapped the medical alert device. A voice came over the speaker phone and asked 'Are you all right?' 'No, I've got a man in my bedroom' I said. He took off and ran out. I feel bad for those people who can't afford it. It really is a lifesaver. It paid for itself that night.”

Myrtle L. (after using the system to foil a burglary)
Belmont, NH

“I am very pleased with my system. Thank you for being there.”

Margaret H.
Warwick, RI

“Your service has saved my 90 year old mother's life on many occasions. Bless you and your staff.”

Bonita C.
Haverhill, MA

“This system is a blessing.”

Bertha B.
Bloomfield, VT

“Thank you so much for your speedy response. As you know there aren't many agencies or providers out there that take such a positive approach to our fellow humans. You are special!!!”

Donna W.
Montpelier, VT

“Thank you so much for the system. As a consequence I am able to remain at home for the winter and not have to go to a nursing home - which was my biggest fear.”

Audrey D.
Portland, ME

“Thank you - It's comforting to know someone's near when needed!”

Charlotte P.
South Berwick, ME

“Thanks to you Stella is alive today. She had fallen in the doorway, half inside and half outside. It was late afternoon and freezing cold. She would have frozen to death during the night.”

Lucien L.
Middlefield, MA

“I'm thankful that I've had this program. I fell in the ditch and popped my artificial hip. I'm under pre-cautions for another week, but I don't hurt anymore.”

Marian W.
Windham, ME

“The service was wonderful and took away a lot of the fear of going off to work each day and leaving Barbara alone.”

The Family of Barbara G.
Boston, MA

“I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your emergency response program. My father's use of your service saved his life on a number of occasions. Our entire family is grateful for the life-saving help you provided to my father.”

Bill K.
Providence, RI

“Thank you for providing this service. You helped Elsie maintain some of her dignity and independence for awhile longer. You are appreciated.”

Billie W.
Granby, CT

“Thanks for your service to all the many people who need it.”

Louise F.
Narragansett, RI

“May I express my appreciation for the way you all conduct this program. You are doing a terrific job. Thank you.”

Barbara S.
Hartford, CT

“Thank you to all of you people who helped me in my emergency - which turned out so well. I live with the knowledge that I am cared for - and for that I appreciated all of your help.”

Jill B.
Attleboro, MA

“I think the button may have saved my brother's life yesterday. He had to push it twice during the day and the second time he landed in the hospital. He was so weak I'm not sure he would have made it to the phone, the button is truly a life saver!”

Wendi D.
Dover, NH

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